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This is a joint venture between Sylvia Constantine and Economic Recovery Solutions Ltd

Sylvia Constantine
Economic Recovery Solutions

Sylvia Constantine

During my 18-year banking career, I became intrigued by businesses and why some were successful whilst others struggled and failed. As a Bank Manager, I saw all too often the financial and emotional consequences of business failure. I developed a deep respect for the tenacity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial flair of businesses as well as an empathy for their problems. It grew into a passion to enable more businesses to succeed.

After leaving my banking career to work more closely with businesses, I spent 25 years benefitting from some fabulous work/life experiences and opportunities that have equipped me with valuable knowledge and skills. I accumulated know-how from businesses that were very successful and identified the pitfalls that caused businesses to struggle and fail. From interactions with several thousand businesses, I used real-life examples and combined their know-how into comprehensive high-quality training.

I have worked with some wonderful people and organisations and we have a track record of success.

Business training is a neglected and under-valued activity, but we have proved it is the best way to enable businesses to succeed and achieve their true potential.

My latest challenge has been to spend 8 months closeted in my office converting the business training to an online platform. After struggling with technology and one or two false starts, I believe the online edition is my best work to date.

Economic Recovery Solutions Ltd

The company is promoting an economic recovery model that has a track record of success in parts of the UK that have suffered industrial and economic decline. We are offering our services to public and community organisations engaged in economic recovery activities in their local communities. We are also working to attract funding or sponsorship so that our business training can be offered free of charge. See more at www.economic-recovery.uk.

If you are interested in sponsoring or funding business start-up or business boost training, please contact us.

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